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27/04/2016 GPRS Wireless Prepaid Woltman Water Meter

Woltman Bulk Water Meter with Zigbee and GPRS technology

In year 2015, ECO International Co Ltd develop a wireless prepaid bulk woltman type water meters. This type water meter is smart water meter used to measure the total volume of cold water which passing through the pipeline, with wireless and prepaid functions.wireless woltman water meter.jpg

Mechanical Feature:

1. Removable element structure, easy installation and maintenance, register for universal use within this range detachable without Removing the meter from the pipeline;

2. Dry-dial, Magnetic drive sensitive action, small pressure loss;

3. Vacuum sealed register ensures the dial keep free from fog and Keep the reading clear in a long term service;

4. Selected high quality materials for steady & reliable characteristic;

5. Technical data conform to international standard ISO 4064.