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27/04/2016 AMR Water Meter with Wireless GPRS & Zigbee

GPRS Wireless Prepaid Water Meter

This type water meter is smart water meter used to measure the total volume of cold water which passing through the   pipeline, with wireless and IC card prepaid functions

Mechanical Features:

. Multi-jet vane wheel type
. Wet dial
. Clear, straight and long term reading 
. Measuring accuracy in conformity with ISO 4064 class B Standard
. Selected high quality materials for steady & reliable characteristics
. Low head loss
. Water meter and Ball valve is a whole part

Smart Features:

. Computerizing management and billing by water supply companies
. Combined wireless and IC card prepaid functions
. Effective anti-theft design
. LCD (liquid crystal display) and alarm
. Low energy consumption design
. Special technology to ensure no worry about illegal copy of IC card
. Data remaining duration more than 10 years

AMR System