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Water Meter Test Bench Equipment DN80-DN300

Water Meter Test Bench Equipment DN80-DN300

Main technical data for Water Meter Test Bench DN80-DN200:

1. Water meter to be tested: DN 80, 100, 150, and 200
2. Equipment accuracy: Grade 0.2, i.e., permitted accumulating error ≤±0.2%
3. Testing mode: Volumetric method
4. Volume tank: Necking frame, shaped into two cucurbits, can be 0.2m3, 0.5 m3, 2 m3 and 5 m3.
5. Instant flow indicator:
Glass rotor flow meter rang: 700-30000L/h
By-pass flow meter range: 32-500 m3/h
6. Switch (of two flow meters):
Driving power and working pressure: Compressed air 0.4-0.6MPa
Switch time:<400ms
  Switch time difference:<100ms
7. Water pressure when the water meter was tested: (0.35-0.45) MPa
8. Electric power: 220V 50HZ
9. Overall dimensions: Length X Width X Height (mm) 9125×3200×4300

Detailed information

Test bench dn50-200.pdf

Water Meter Test Bench Model LBJ 80-200 is class 2 water meter test equipment, adopting principle of volumetric method. It is designed and manufactured according to China standard number ZBY303-85, “Horizontal woltman cold water meter DN 50-400” and JJG258-88, “Verification rules for horizontal woltman water meter”. This equipment is to test water meter DN 80, 100, 150 and 200 according to International standard ISO 4064.

2.Components and working principle
This equipment is mainly consist of water inlet pneumatic butterfly valve, straight pipeline, clamp, bench, flow regulating valve, instant flow meter, switch, volume tank, water release valve, water level meter, and electrical operating box.
This equipment is using volumetric method to testing water meter. It makes the water flow across the pipe in a certain time, and then infuse the standard volume meter by water meter. When the water is stillness, it can get the error curve in that instantaneous flow point by comparing the reading of water meter counter and standard volume meter staff guage.
Error = (V-v)/v x 100%
V: Volume shown by the water meter(s)
v: Volume shown by the volume tank
It can get out the flow error curve of water meters in different instantaneous flow point after changing width of flow regulating valve.
Water meter testing flow, water supply volume and error list

3.Technical data


4. Fixing requirement
1. It should be fixed in the place which has enough sunshine and excellent ventilation.
2. The inlet pipe is no smaller than the main pipe. The pipe should have no leak, and should be washed before using.
3. The water pressure should be steady, and the quality of the water should be good.
4. The location of the equipment should not be disturbed, especially should not be near the equipment which is shaking fiercely.
5. The test bench should be fixed in horizontal way. Glass rotor flowmeter group should not be slanted clearly. The maximum degree of gradient is 5 degree.
6. Fixing the operation bench in a suitable place which should connect with power and gas supplier.
7. Rated voltage of power: 220V.

5. Working process
1. Open the compressor to make the air pressure in the pipe reach the working standard.
2. Turn on the external power of the operating box. The indicator light will be on when switch on the operating box.
3. The water meter’s DN should be same to the pipe.
4. Press the fasten button to clamp the water meter which is to be tested.
5. First, open 2” ball valve beside the main water entering valve to full fill the pipe; second, open the main water entering valve to exhaust air.
6. Choose the right turnoff and water release button on the operating bench according to kinds of water meter’s flow point and water quantity.
7. If there is any accident in working, press the emergency stop switch at once.
8. The information above is just for reference. It can be operated according to the practical situation

6. Attention
1. If there is any accident in working, press the emergency stop switch at once.
2. When regulate the glass rotor flowmeter, turn off the ball valve slowly to prevent from breaking the glass pipe.
3. When using in winter, the water in the glass rotor flowmeter should be released to make the pipe escape from frost cracking.
4. Regulating bench should be maintained and repaired periodically to make sure that all the components are working normally


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