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27/04/2016 AMR Electric Meter with Wireless GPRS & Zigbee

Wireless Prepaid Electric Meter 
Model DTSY666

Basic functions:
. Computerized management and billing by electric supply companies
. Prepayment of bills with computer technology and ic card to prevent long-term arrears
. When power exceeds the maximum power, it can automatically switch off the electricity.
. Effective anti-theft design

Main features:
. It can automatically measure alternative current active energy with CPU card or logic card
. LCD (liquid crystal display) or LED (light emitting diode display) and alarm
. The built-in electromagnet relay will switch on/off reliably and effectively
. Special technology ensures no worry about ic card copy
. Built-in solid data memory records all running data
. Anti-theft designs
. Low energy consumption design

Technical data:
. IC card write times: 100.000
. Data retaining duration: more than 10 years

AMR System