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27/04/2016 IECEx Test Report Ex ia IIB T3 Ga for Gas Meter Valve

‍In 2012,ECO International Co Ltd get an approve for IECEx test Reprot Ex ia IIB T3 Ga for Motor Valve for Diaphragm Gas Meter G1.6, G2.5, G4



Motor valve for diaphragm Gas Meter G1.6, G2.5, G4

Model: 434


1. General

This motor valve is used for IC diaphragm gas meter according to standard CJ/T112-2008. It is built-in valve to cut off or start gas supply. It is installed at the inlet of the gas meter

There is position switch. It is to send out signal when valve close or open.

There is temperature sensor. It is to send out signal of the gas temperature.


2. Main technical data:

Available for:  N                atural gas, LPG, Mixed gas

Flow rate:                         0-6 m3/h

Working pressure:            0-20 KPa

Humidity:                          not more than 90%

Pressure loss:                  not more than 50 Pa

Leakage (out):                  not leakage at 20 KPa

Leakage (in):                    not more than 100 Pa at pressure 4KPa for 1 minute

Working life:                     more than 5.000 times

Working voltage:              DC 2.5-6V

Working current:              not more than 80mA

Time to open valve:         less than 2 s at 6V

Time to close valve:         less than 300 ms at 6V

Peak current:                   280 mA at 6.6V

Available for gas meter:  G1.6, G2.5 and G4

Material:                          POM for body, NBR for seal

Ex marking:                     Ex ia II BT3 Ga

Ex certificate number:     CN/CQM/ExTR12.0058/00



a). There are 4 wires of this valve: blue wire is positive to open valve (negative to close), white wire is negative to open valve (positive to close), two yellow wires are for the position switch signal (on/off). ON means valve is completely open

b). Open valve: blue wire positive, white wire negative. when there is ON signal from yellow wire, plus 100 ms about before cut off power, total time o open valve 2s

c). Close valve: blue wire negative, white wire positive. When there is OFF signal from yellow wire, plus 100 ms about before cut off power, total time to close valve 300 ms

d). Voltage not less than 2.5V to open or close valve.

e). The drive current not less than the motor peak current


3. Dimensions and weight:

Dimensions: 59.9 x 50.3 x 52.2 mm

Weight: 160 grs


4. Installation:

4.1. The inlet of the valve is snap-fit click type.

4.2. Add O-ring and fit the inlet to the gas meter connection

4.3. There are 6 wires connected to the main chipboard: 2 of motor, 1 of position switch, 3 of temperature sensor.